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Vaan Lost Dog Male   Yorkshire Terrier

Vaan Lost Dog Male Yorkshire Terrier


BREED: Yorkshire Terrier

COLOR: Parti-Color Parti-Color

SEX: Male

AGE: Adult (1-9 years)

ALTERED: Unaltered




OTHER IDENTIFYING MARKS: He appears to be neutered, but hasn't ever been. He was just born that way. He also has an extra toe on one of this paws.

DATE LOST OR FOUND: 01/07/2022

LOCATION: Rio Concho Cir / River Pointe Apartments 1004 Rio Concho Cir San Angelo, TX 76903

COMMENTS: White and black, brown floppy ears, brown eyes, appears neutered (he's not, just born with a condition) he's fluffy, longhaired, that's probably matted right now. Docked tail. Responds to Vaan. He's approximately 7-10lbs, he's a chunky boy. He's friendly, and loveable.

We were just cleaning out the apmt, and he slipped passed us quietly. We noticed 30 minutes after that he ran out, that we began searching for him. Drove around were we live and near by streets and couldn't find him. We have also asked a few neighbors, and no ones seen him. Please help us find him. He hasn't been chipped yet, as we have been busy with finances, and hadn't had the chance to yet. Any and all help would be greatly appreciated. If you happen to find him, he eats kibbles and bits original chow dog food. He's also vaccinated, and up to date on his rabies. That you so much. You can also contact me at 325-794-8809


PRIMARY PHONE: (325) 794-8809


MOBILE PHONE (to receive text’s):


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