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Simba (Bobo) Lost Cat Male    Unknown Breed  50.00 REWARD

Simba (Bobo) Lost Cat Male Unknown Breed 50.00 REWARD

50.00 REWARD

Simba (Bobo)

BREED: Unknown Breed

COLOR: Orange Tabby Orange

SEX: Male

AGE: Adult (1-9 years)

ALTERED: Neutered




OTHER IDENTIFYING MARKS: One eyed, bob tail, declawed in front and somewhat friendly

DATE LOST OR FOUND: 07/07/2021

LOCATION: Arden Road 274 Nottingham Trl San Angelo, TX 76901

COMMENTS: Simba is a friendly inside/outdoor cat who loves to be outside and rest. He could be hiding in any availible area that he could fit in outdoors and is semi-friendly and will come if offered food. He also is called Bobo and will respond possibly respond to that as well. He has one eye and the other lid was sown shut a few years ago as he lost his eye in an accident where he was hit, he also has a bob tail and no claws on his front 2 paws. He is neutered and his hair is dark orange. Please help us bring him home.

CONTACT NAME: Sylvia d'Entremont

PRIMARY PHONE: (325) 942-0247


MOBILE PHONE (to receive text’s):(325) 374-9885


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