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Harley Lost Dog Female Shih Tzu Yorkshire Terrier Mix   150.00 $ REWARD

Harley Lost Dog Female Shih Tzu Yorkshire Terrier Mix 150.00 $ REWARD

150.00 $ REWARD


BREED: Shih Tzu Yorkshire Terrier Mix

COLOR: Black White

SEX: Female

AGE: Adult (1-9 years)

ALTERED: Unaltered

COLLAR/HALTER: Yes Her coller is pink or purple with 3 or 4 different tags on it.

TAGS: Yes She has a red square microchip tag, a blue flower shaped vet tag, a silver dog bone shaped name tag with her name on it, a white get me home .com tag that looks like a blue cooler in the shape of a survivor ribbon and she may have a clear and red circle push light that just clips on her collar. It's so she can be seen at night but you have to push it to work and it blinks a red light I think.


OTHER IDENTIFYING MARKS: She has a bit of brown mix in her fur, she has a scar or pink spot on the top of her snout/nose,she has a cute walk or waddle, she is very small

DATE LOST OR FOUND: 04/15/2023

LOCATION: Garfield park area, Iowa St and Talbott St is where she got lose from but has been see by Church's Chicken on Shelby and Troy Ave 1729 Iowa St Indianapolis, IN 46225

COMMENTS: She is a very little dog, maybe 7 lbs in weight. She is from the country 45 min away from Indy so she is not used to the noises, traffic/cars and people. She has only been around a few people in her life so she is VERY skittish. She will bark at you and run from you but you may be able to catch her or get her trust with food, water or even treats! We call her "HARLEY GIRL" in a high pitch voice. She likes squeaky toys (the squeek sound). She is black and white but she has brown mixed in her fur all over. Her undercoat looks brown but she has more white and black on top. The black and brown is where the colors are mixed I think. She is VERY loving once she gets to know you and she loves to jump on you and lick you. She has the smallest mouth with soft licks lol. ..there is a spot on the bridge of her snout or nose where it looks like skin is missing or she was scratched but it's pink in color like and it's a big spot but not huge, you can for sure see it on her nose/snout. She is very missed and we are worried about her!!

CONTACT NAME: Kayle Stallsworth

PRIMARY PHONE: (317) 766-8552

SECONDARY PHONE: (317) 809-2935

MOBILE PHONE (to receive text’s):(765) 561-8798

EMAIL: [email protected]

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