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Postings will be kept online for at least 90 days. To notify us that your pet has returned home, or to request your posting be kept past the customary 90 days, please email


- Visit your local animal shelter every day and ask to see the animals in processing, as well as in the kennels. Do not call and ask about a pet. Chances are the staff working the phones have no idea what has been brought in and they will not walk the kennels to look. In addition, the shelter may identify the pet as a different breed from what you refer to it as. No one can identify a pet like it's owner.

- Put an ad in your local newspaper. Most publications offer Lost & Found Pet ads for free, or at a reduced cost.

- Print flyers and post them in the area where the pet was lost (if your local law allows). Make sure to include a photo of your pet and phone number where they can reach you.

- Search your neighborhood thoroughly and often. Ask neighbors if they have seen your pet.

- Make sure your pet is microchipped and wearing a collar with tags containing current contact information!

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Bel – Lost Female Siamese Mix &...

PET’S NAME:  Bel BREED:  Siamese mix COLOR:  Siamese markings, longer fur SEX:  Female AGE:  3+ SPAYED/NEUTERED:  Spayed OTHER IDENTIFYING MARKS:  White stripe by her mouth DATE LOST OR FOUND:  08/30/2014 LOCATION:  HWY 10 at the 429 mile marker East OR Holmes Wrecker on 104 Plum St., Sonora, TX COLLAR:  None TAGS:  None MICROCHIPPED:  [...]

Found Male Domestic Short Hair

Found Male Domestic Short Hair
PET’S NAME:  BREED:  DSH COLOR:  Yellow Tabby SEX:  Male AGE:  14-16 weeks?? SPAYED/NEUTERED:  Unaltered OTHER IDENTIFYING MARKS:  DATE LOST OR FOUND:  08/19/2014 LOCATION:  PaulAnn around Rics/Gregory, San Angelo, TX COLLAR:  No TAGS:  MICROCHIPPED:  Unknown COMMENTS:  Sweet & loving…. may have been an inside cat since he ke [...]

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ABOUT US is a free service provided by Concho Valley PAWS, a non-profit program dedicated to spay and neuter programs and rescue and adoption services. We do not provide animal control services for San Angelo and we do not operate the San Angelo Animal Shelter. PAWS is an animal welfare group operated independently of the city and is funded solely by donations and grants.

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What you need to know about San Angelo Animal Shelters Policies on housing lost animals:

The San Angelo Animal Shelter is a government entity and is operated and funded by the city of San Angelo. When a stray pet arrives at San Angelo Animal Shelter it is processed and examined, treated for fleas and ticks and placed in a kennel for the public to view. Stray animals are allowed 3 days for identification by owners. If a pet is not identified, the animal is made available for adoption or euthanized. If you have had an animal in your possession for three days, you are legally considered the owner of that animal. If an "owned animal" is taken to the shelter it may be euthanized immediately if space does not permit it to be made available for adoption. The city's animal shelter euthanizes over 9,000 animals annually.

The shelter is open M-F 10:00 am-5:00 pm and Saturdays 9am-12pm.


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